Create a new project

Create a new empty project file.

Import the “.fbx” file into the studio

Import the kitten.fbx file

Importing a Texture

Import the kitten.png texture

In this case, we will leave the default settings on the import window and click “Import”.

Importing a Prepackaged Shader

Import the “Unlit Texture” prepackaged shader.

Set up materials

By double-clicking the material on the resources window, we can access its parameters.

Double click the earsShader.mat

Here, we can assign the “Unlit Texture” shader we imported earlier.

We will also set the “Alpha” blend mode since our texture uses transparency.

Now we can access our kitten.png texture in the resources window and drag and drop it into the “Texture” slot in our new material.

Repeat this step for the muzzleShader.mat material.

Testing it out!

We are now ready to test our filter. You can test the real-time filter by using Native, Web, or QR Code preview on top of the viewport.

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