To import a texture into an existing project simply drag the texture to a Directory in the Resources.

This will open an Import Resource window where you can set up import parameters.

Texture Data Type

Tell The Studio if the imported texture should be read as color data or raw data (eg. normal maps)

Texture size

The size of the texture

Resize Mode

Desired interpolation for resizing

Texture Mipmaps

Mipmaps are lists of progressively smaller versions of an image, Objects that are far away from the Camera use smaller Texture versions. Using mipmaps will boost performance, but requires a shader that uses them as well as consuming more memory.

Texture compression

The level of compression used. Always use Lossless for images with transparency since lossy will lose all transparency data.

You can reduce the size of your effects by selecting the Lossy compression when transparency isn’t needed and the compression isn’t an issue.

The imported textures can be edited.

Navigate to your project directory and locate the texture you wish to edit.

You can open the image file for the texture in an image editor of your choice and make changes.

After you save the changes, they will become visible in the Studio Editor and Preview

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