With DeepAR Studio v3.3.0, a new feature is introduced that speeds up effect development and eases sharing of work-in-progress effects!

It is now possible to push effects from DeepAR Studio to the cloud and test them out using dedicated client apps.

The general idea can be seen on the flowchart below:

How to use

  1. Open DeepAR Studio.

  2. Open Developer Portal → Sign In... and sign in using your Developer Portal credentials.

  3. Open or create a new effect.

  4. Once you are ready to test it out, open Developer Portal → Test effect on other platforms... and click Push.

  5. Wait for the progress indicator to stop spinning and the QR code and URL to appear.

  6. Test the effect out!

    1. Mobile: Install DeepAR Effect Tester and scan the generated QR code.

    2. Web: Click Open in browser or copy the generated URL.

    3. Mobile Web: Scan the generated QR code using any ordinary QR scanner app and open the scanned URL in the browser.

  7. If you wish, you can add additional effects, replace existing loaded effects, change effects' face indices, as well as share them over the Web.

How to get DeepAR Effect Tester

Android: APK download link (Google Play link coming soon)

iOS: Coming soon

Web: link to web app

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