This article will contain video tutorials for DeepAR Studio.

Tutorial 1 - DeepAR Studio Overview

Tutorial 2 - Create a simple Filter - Halo

You will learn:

  • How to create and prepare your 3D assets

  • How to occlude the user's head

  • How to use the Matcap Shader (and others)

  • How to add physics

  • How to create a Glow effect

  • How to create an Animated Overlay

  • How to export your Filter


Tutorial 3 - Create a Morphing Head Filter

You will learn:

  • How to create blendshapes to deform user's face/head

  • How to use joints to rig models

  • How to delegate 3D assets to an Artist (and what to ask from him/her)

  • How to prepare and assemble the 3D assets

  • How to add Physics

  • How to create and use Normal maps and Multiply Textures

  • How to import and install custom shaders

  • How to use the Matcap, Simple Morph and Camera Multiply Shaders


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