In this tutorial, we will show you how to combine two face effects in the DeepAR Studio.

We will show you an example of these two effects: the Beauty effect and the Flower crown effect.

You can find these two effects, with many other free examples, in the Free Filter Pack.

Open the DeepAR Studio.

First, open the Beauty example.

  • File → Open effect → Beauty studio file

After that, we need to add the Flower crown effect.

Select the RootNode, and add the Flower crown effect.

  • File → Add Studio File → Flower crown studio file

It should look like this:

As you can see there is only one flower displayed.

This is because the layers of the Beauty effect overlaps with layers of the Flower Crown effect. Therefore we can see only one flower because it is placed in a layer above all others, while other flowers are in the same layer as the Beauty effect.


Whenever two effects are loaded, you must take care of the position of the layer, so that they do not overlap with each other.

Now let's fix the layers.

We will not change the layers of the Beauty effect. They are set on layers 2 and 3. Therefore everything else needs to be in the layer above 3 so that it does not overlap.

First of all, we will need to look at how the Flower crown effect layers are set.

We see that everything is put in layer 2, except rose1 root which is placed in layer 3 (it is a flower we can see at the moment), and orangeFlower root who is set in layer 1.

Therefore we need to set everything to be in layer 5, except the two mentioned above, which we have to put in one layer below and one above.

So we will select the Flower crown root node and in the Node properties, we will set the layer to 5.

After that, we only need to press the arrow next to it to automatically set all the roots and quads within that root to be on layer 5.

Once we've done that we just need to set the layer of rose1 root and orangeFlower root.

We need to select the rose1 root and set it to layer 6 and press the arrow next to it to automatically set all the quads within that root to be on layer 6.

Now, we need to do the same for the orangeFlower root except it should be below everything, on layer 4.

That's it, we have set the layer so everything works and looks good.

Here is another example with Background segmentation and the Flower crown effect.

We put the Background and Foreground quads in layer 0 with depth 0 and 1. Everything else you want to add above that you need to put on layer 1 or higher.

Download both examples here

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