In this example, we will demonstrate how to use detected emotions to change the values of blend shapes with DeepAR Studio.

  • Open DeepAR Studio

  • File → Import FBX → choose "face_expressions.fbx" from the Emotion_shapes_example directory

Note: this FBX file has been created to work with DeepAR. To create your FBX, blend shape names must contain the names of the emotions they represent.

Now, go to the select the each quad and in Material properties change the Diffuse color values of all materials so you can tell them apart

In this example we used the Standard shader with the Abient color set to dark grey and the following Diffuse colors:

  • Neutral - white

  • Happiness - green

  • Surprise - yellow

  • Sadness - blue

  • Anger - red

Next, for each quad you need to add the same components

Select the quad and in the menu bar select the Add components and add Emotions component.

At this point the blend shapes will change with the corresponding emotions.

  • To make the blend shapes more sensitive to emotion changes we can change the Smoothing factor parameter on the Emotions component from 0.15 to 0.5 on all Emotions components.

Emotion blend shapes - Components - Happiness

Download this example with all assets

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