After you have finished adding background segmentation, we will show you how to combine it with a face filter.

If you haven't done background segmentation, visit the article before about Background segmentation.

You can download and use our Free filters pack to try different types of filters.

Here we used an Alien mask.

The first thing you need to do is download our Free filters pack to choose a filter, or you can just use the mask from this example.

After that, add the chosen mask via File → Add Studio File.

The mask is now under the Root node in the camera space position so you will be unable to see it.

To make it visible select the Alien root.

In the menu bar under Add Components select the Camera Quad component, which will enable the mask to track face.

The last step is to change the layer of Background quad and Foreground quad.

Choose the Background quad and set the Layer to 0.

Next, choose the Foreground quad and set the Layer to 1.

And that's it, a face mask with a background segmentation.

Download this example with texture assets

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